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Varney Air Transport

March 11, 1936, Varney Air Transport received Lockheed Electra 10E 1054, registered NC14994; the following year the airline renamed itself Continental Airlines. Interestingly enough this Electra was the airline's only Electra 10, Continental was flying four Lockheed 12's. It seems they may have purchased the Electra because they needed the added space the Model 10 could afford. By 1938-39, the Electra was sold to Mid-Continent Airlines and on March 14, 1942, almost six years after it was first delivered, the Electra was pressed into service by the USAAF receiving registration number 42-38289. Just over two years later, May 12, 1944, the aircraft was withdrawn from use and returned to commercial use where it received its original registration, NC14994. It jumped around after its stint in the service; flying with Morrison-Knudsen Co., in Alaska, Superior Oil Co., in Texas, Food Machinery & Chemical Corp., in California, and its last known registration was with Reeve Aleutian Airlines in Alaska in 1957.

Ed Coates Collection - This rare photos shows the airlines only Electra 10 and illustrates the early Indian Head logo.


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