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The rest of Africa

"After a night at El Fasher we flew further into Anglo Egyptian Sudan, on the morning of Sunday, June 13th." 500 miles lay between El Fasher and Khartoum; "the first half is utterly flat, arid, uninhabited, and lacks landmarks altogether, at least for the uninitiated." At 7:30 a.m. GMT the Electra touched down at Khartoum where the aircraft was refueled and respects were paid to British officials. After the bills were paid, landing fees settled again the Electra took off once again bound for Massawa, Eritrea. Two hours had been spent in Khartoum!

The Electra in Khartoum

"The hop from Khartoum was as interesting as any part of the trip. [...] Only a few caravan trails were visible, and now and then a camp with a tent or two in the midst of the stretching sand. I could see fine lines on the surface, whether from camel trails or wind streaks I do not know. Possibly only wrinkles in the ancient face of the wasteland."

After flying 200 miles or so Amelia steered the Electra at right angles across the Atbara River; slowly the fliers began to notice green vegetation on the ground below, the first they had since in Africa. As the flight crossed into Eritrea they flew over the Khor Baruka, the waters of which drain into the Red Sea. Rough flying was also dealt with as the plane was struck with heated air coming up from the mountain slopes.

"The airport at Massawa was of ample size with large hangars. While I do not speak a word of Italian, and it was some time after our arrival before anyone could be found who understood English, yet in short order mechanics were at work changing the oil, checking spark-plugs and the like. [...] We lodged that night in Italian army quarters, guests of Colonel De Silvestro Luigi, in command, acting for General Lahi."


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