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The Prototype

The first Electra, 1001

Following a change in design from a single engine aircraft to a multi engine aircraft with dual tail fins, the Electra had its first official test flight on February 23, 1934.

From the University of South Carolina Collection

Following the successful test flight, 1001 was delivered to Northwest Airlines on June 29, 1934 with the registration NC233Y. The Electra was used on the Chicago-Seattle route.

X233Y on the day of the test flight

Note the inverted windshield. Following feedback from Northwest, only the first three Electras had the same windscreen. In the spring of 1935 all three Electras had their windscreens converted to the mainstream look.

After serving with Northwest the Electra was purchased by Hanford Airlines (which became Mid-Continent Airlines in 1938). It was likely given the registration NC13780, although we have been unable to prove this.

C/n 1061, this gives a great example of what 1001 would have looked like while serving Hanford Airlines out of Kansas City, MO

When World War II began 1001 was given to the Canadian Department of National Defense in Ottawa, Canada and was given registration CF-BRG/RCAF 7652. Unfortunately the aircraft was destroyed by a fire at the RCAF Station Mountain View, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on October 14, 1941.

How 1001 would have looked while serving the RCAF.


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