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Thailand and Malaysia

At 6:50 a.m., with moist clouds as companions, the Electra took off from Rangoon bound for Bangkok; the plane first crossed the upper reaches of the Gulf of Martaban and then flew over Moulmein. Mountains extend along the western border of Siam (now present day Thailand), helping to separate the country from that of its neighbor Burma (which has since been renamed to Myanmar). "Through squally weather we climbed to 8,000 feet and more, topping this mountain barrier. On its eastern flank the clouds broke and there stretched before us a dark green forest splashed with patches of bright color, cheerful even in the eyes of a pilot who recognized in all the limitless view no landing place." Eventually the mountains and hills began to fade away to be replaced by heavy jungle, after which the fliers crossed the Mei Khlaung River. Upon reaching Bangkok, who's airfield "was one of the best we encountered," and refueling the Electra took off again for the 900 mile flight to Singapore.

Crossing the Gulf of Siam "I felt as if I was dreaming, to be flying over such fabulous waters, with the shores of Siam on the right and Cambodia on the left." As the Electra flew on they checked in over the Alor Star airport, not stopping, continuing the flight on to Singapore.

Finally, after a six hour twenty minute flight, the Electra set down in Singapore on the country's new $9 million dollar airport. "First to welcome us when we landed were Monnett B. Davis, American Consul General, and Mrs. Davis. They had courage enough to take us for the night, even after I explained our disagreeable habit of getting up at three in the morning and falling asleep immediately after dinner."

The Electra on the ground in Bangkok

AE and T. Hill of the Standard Oil Co., walking around the Electra, Bangkok

Amelia, holding her camera, walks down the wing of her Electra after arriving in Singapore

Amelia and Fred, with the description telling of receiving their health inspection upon arriving in Singapore

AE, Fred, L. B. Howey (of Standard Vacuum Oil Co.), and M. B. Davis (American Consul General)

Amelia, L. B. Howey, M. B. Davis, Mrs. Davis,

Electra receiving maintenance in Singapore

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