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Substantial Damage

On April 19, 1935, Northwest Airlines received a new Lockheed Electra 10A (1020) which they added to their growing fleet of Electras, this particular Electra was registered as NC14907. After serving with the airline for seven years Northwest sold several Electras to the USAAF to help in the war effort. NC14907 was impressed into the service on June 11, 1942, with registration 42-57214. The following year while landing at Blytheville AAF, Arkansas, due to mechanical failure of some nature the aircraft was substantially damaged. Based on research it seems that the damage was severe enough that no one attempted repairs of any kind and the aircraft was likely used for scrap.

NC14907 at Fargo, 1937 (

The Minneapolis Star, Sunday, May 17, 1942

An Electra in wartime colors


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