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Sold to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Delta received their second Lockheed Electra 10B, 1050, a week after their first on December 28, 1935, registration NC14991. The aircraft likely served the airline's main Fort Worth-Charleston route. After seven years of service, 1050 was sold along with its sister, 1049, to the USAAF where registration was changed to 42-57220. Finally on March 15, 1945, the Electra was sold to the RFC. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was a government agency founded almost a decade earlier to aid state and local governments and to make loans to banks, railroads, mortgage associations, and other businesses. During World War II, the RFC supervised the disposal of excess and surplus aircraft.

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Cut-away illustration of Delta Airlines' new Lockheed Electra

NC14991 parked at Dallas Love Field's terminal, May 1938. Photo taken by Paul F. Godley, pioneer radio engineer, on a business trip (Delta Flight Museum)

Close-up of NC14991 at Dallas Love Field. Photo by Paul F. Godley (Delta Flight Museum)

Rear tail view of NC14991. Paul F. Godley (Delta Flight Museum)

NC14991 with two attendants and a baggage cart. Paul F. Godley (Delta Flight Museum)

Interior view of NC14991. Paul F. Godley (Delta Flight Museum)

Interior looking forward. Paul F. Godley (Delta Flight Museum)

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