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Sister to SP-AYA

Just days after the arrival of SP-AYA, Electra 1046, sister to SP-AYA, was delivered LOT airlines, registration SP-AYB, on November 26, 1935; the following February the aircraft was registered in Poland. Eerily similar to her sister, SP-AYB crashed on December 1, 1936, while flying a leg from Bucharest to Athens; on approach to Tatoi Airport, in poor weather conditions, which they had been flying through since passing Thessaloniki, Greece, the Electra's wing clipped a tree and crashed near Malakasa, six miles north of the airport. Pilot Joseph Sittelle was killed and possibly, depending on which source you look at, one passenger was killed in the crash.

Video shows SP-AYB (from youtube: Samoloty Polskie)


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