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Short and Sweet

On October 25, 1934, 1006 was delivered to Pan American Airways, along with 1005, where she was registered as NC14259. Pan Am placed the aircraft with its subsidiary Pacific Alaska Airways; in the spring of 1935 the aircraft operated on the company's launch flight between Fairbanks to Juneau.

According to our research it seems this Electra continued to fly with the airline until a possible crash in 1945 or thereabouts. The registration was canceled in 1948.

One of the only notable pieces of history, according to several articles we found, about this aircraft was that it was used to transport that bodies of Wiley Post and Will Rogers out of Alaska following their August 1935 crash.

1934 timetable image for Pacific Alaska Airways (courtesy of

Map of the airline's route from the 1934 timetable (courtesy of

1940 timetable (courtesy of

1940 map of Pacific Alaska Airways' route, 1940, (courtesy of


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