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Science Museum, Kensington

Eastern Air Lines received Electra 1037, registration NC14959, in mid-September 1935; as the company began to retire their fleet of Lockheed Electra aircraft for larger DC-2s and 3s, 1037 was sold to Boston & Maine Airways (which eventually became Northeast Airlines) and the registration was changed to NC243. The aircraft was then sold to R. P. M. Associates and from there, in the mid-1950s or early to mid-1960s, to Capitol Air Service, out of Manhattan, KS, where it received registration N5171N. Some sources state that it was then sold to Suburban Airways, based out of California, and then later was sold back to Capitol Air and others state that this particular aircraft never made it back to Capitol. It does appear, however, that Capitol Air Services, had at least two Electras total (that includes this aircraft). The Electra was eventually purchased and is currently on display at the Science Museum in Kensington, London, England. Electra 1037 which once bore registration NC14959 now hangs from the ceiling as if in flight with registration N5171N in small print on the tail of the aircraft.

Boston & Maine Airways Apr 24, 1938 timetable (

1037 registration N5171N, picture taken while it was possibly flying for Capitol Air Service

N5171N while flying for Suburban Airways (

One of Capitol Air's Electras named the Blue Goose, this Electra was sold and displayed at the now defunct Wings and Wheels Museum in Orlando, FL (The Manhattan Mercury, Wed. July 25, 1979)

Lockheed Electra 1037 as it appears today in the Science Museum, London, England


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