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Republic of Spain

August 8, 1935, Lockheed Electra 1033, registration NC14946, was delivered to C. H. Beal where it was named Phantom of the Sky. The following year the aircraft was sold to Spain to be used by the Spanish Nationalist Air Force; the Electra was loaded aboard the M. S. Mar Cantabrico and set sail for the Port of Santander. However, while en route to port the ship was captured by Spanish Nationalists where its registration was reassigned to 42-2. As of March 1, 1940, the aircraft was still in service; at some point in time, the registration changed to L.10, and was flown as the personal aircraft to General Kindelan until 1953. It's assumed that either the aircraft was eventually damaged beyond repair or was scrapped as there is no record beyond that.

Elmer C. McLeod with Phantom of the Sky, photo likely taken between September and November 1936 (

Electra NC14946 seen in the movie The Man Who Found Himself 1937

Operating as 42-2 (


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