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Last stop in Africa

"On Tuesday, June 14, we moved down the Red Sea from Massawa to Assab to prepare fro the long flight along the Arabian coast to India. Assab was nearer our objective than Massawa, offered better take-off facilities, and as well we had a greater supply of 87 Octane gasoline spotted there."

The flight was 300 miles and the take-off, according to several newspapers, had been misreported as an actual take-off for India. When the plane was overdue in India people began to worry all the while the fliers were resting in Assab.

After takeoff the Electra soon passed beyond the mountains the bordered the coast. As they approached Assab "the coast became torridly barren beyond description."

"At this sweltering outpost of Italian authority on the Red Sea the same cordial hospitality extended to us at Massawa was renewed. With the group of officers and flyers there under Teniente Colonel Rinaldo Neri we had the pleasantest possibly, though abbreviated visit."

Amelia, Fred, and two unidentified officials

Maintenance on the Electra

Maintenance on the Electra while in Assab

Refueling the Electra

Ground crew working with a fuel barrel to refuel the aircraft

The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Monday, June 14, 1937

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