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Last Seen, Hot Springs, VA

Lockheed delivered Delta Airlines' third Lockheed Electra 10B, 1051, on February 2, 1936, registration NC14992; after flying with the airline for only a few years the aircraft was sold to Waterman Air Lines, in Alabama. Waterman, it seems, only flew in Alabama, with their primary route being Muscle Shoals to Mobile with stops in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Dothan. On March 14, 1942, the Electra was pressed into the USAAF and registration was changed to 42-38345; towards the end of the following year, October 12, 1943, 42-38345 was damaged in a wind storm while in Fort Worth, Texas, it was repaired and in May, 1944, the Electra was sold to Alaska Airlines who changed the aircraft's registration back to NC14992. After another five to seven years the aircraft was once again sold, this time to Springfield Feeder Lines, based out of Springfield, Massachusetts; on June 29, 1952, the aircraft crashed near Hot Springs, Virginia. Despite our best efforts any specific details of this crash are not forth coming as this is little information we have uncovered concerning this crash.

Delta's third Lockheed Electra, NC14992

Postcard featuring Electra's NC14991 and NC14992

Postcard featuring one of Delta's Lockheed aircraft at the Augusta Airport.


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