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Last reported in service...

October 25, 1934, 1005 was delivered to Pan Am, the second 10C to be delivered to the company, where it was registered as NC14258.

1005 with the registration NC14258 in California.

Originally intended for Pan Am subsidiary Aerovias Centrales in Mexico, the aircraft was instead given to Compania Nacional Cubana de Aviacion (CUBANA), also a subsidiary of Pan Am where it was re-registered as NM-11.

At the beginning of February, 1935, the aircraft was transferred over to Aerovias Centrales and given the registration markings XA-BEN; 10 months later it was transferred back to Pan Am who assigned it to another of subsidiary airlines, Pacific Alaska Airways what it received its original registration of NC14258.

Towards the end of the decade, Pan Am returned to the Electra to Cubana's fleet and it was registered as NM-16.

1005 in Havana (Ed Coates collection)

NM16 with a new coat of paint, if you look close under the fuselage windows you can still make out the original Cubana lettering. (Ed Coates collection)

1950 - the aircraft is sold to Monarch Air Service in Illinois and registered as NC14258. Monarch eventually became Monarch Airways based out of Ohio. After serving for Monarch, this Electra was registered as N1836M with Bogue Electrical Manufacturing Co., in New Jersey and the following year to a private company in Hollywood, CA, where it was converted to a 10A by replacing its engines.

After flying in Hollywood the aircraft was sold to Eastern Provincial Airways in Canada and given the registration CF-HTV.

1005 with the registration markings CF-HTV (

In November, 1956, the aircraft ran into a drainage ditch while taxiing and was damaged; however, the aircraft was repaired and eventually sold to Trans Gaspesian Air Lines, Canada, 1960. In 1964 the last reported sale of the aircraft was to George R. Carter, of Carter Air Service. This Lockheed Electra 10A, originally a 10C, was last reported flying in Canada in 1972.


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