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Last one of the month!

We'll follow the brief career of Lockheed Electra 1007 which was delivered brand new on November 11, 1934 to Aerovias Centrales where it flew for only a few months before the airline ceased operations. This aircraft flew under the registration XA-BEO. Following the airline's closure the aircraft was transferred to Cia Mexicana de Aviacion where it flew until January 11, 1937. Enroute from Mexico City to Minatitlan the aircraft disappeared. Several days later the wreckage was found at the base of a mountain slope; the cause was due to poor weather conditions. All nine persons aboard the aircraft were killed.

This will be our last Electra for the next month. Starting tomorrow we will be following along and taking a look at what is considered the most famous Electra of all. From June 1 until July 2 we will be looking at Amelia Earhart's world flight, as this year marks the 85th anniversary of the flight.

1007's sister, 1004, in Aerovias Centrales colors.


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