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Interred in Romania

Polish Airlines LOT received their third Electra, 1047, on January 4, 1936, and had it shipped over to Europe where it was registered, SP-AYC, in Poland on March 2, 1936; these aircraft flew European routes. On September 1, 1939, at the start of World War II, and over the next eleven days, five of LOT's Electras, including 1047, were evacuated from Poland to Romania; upon arrival their registration's were changed, keeping the last three letters only the old SP numbers were changed to the new YR. So what was once SP-AYC became YR-AYC. Hoping to get these five remaining Electras out of Europe. LOT management made a fictitious sale of the aircraft to Imperial Airways, on November 7, 1939, and re-registering them under British registrations so YR-AYC became G-AGAG. However, according to our research it seems that it never worked and these planes, which included Electra 1047, were taken over by the Romanian Air Force. This aircraft, as far as we can tell, never survived the war.

LOT postcard advertisement

Likely another LOT advertisement postcard

1047 had at least one movie credit to her name; she appeared in the 1936 Polish film (English title: Mystery of Miss Brinx)

1936 Mystery of Miss Brinx

A camouflaged Romanian Electra with military markings


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