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Ground Loop + Embankment + Fire

Lockheed Electra 10A 1072 was registered NC16084 and was delivered December 12, 1936 to the Idaho Maryland Mines Corp, and is believed to have, at some point, flown for Northwest Airlines. It was sold in early 1941 to George P. Fuller, San Francisco, CA; the following year, March 14, 1942, it went into service for the USAAF, re-registered as 42-38343 and re-designated from a 10A to a UC-36A. While serving for the USAAF the Electra left the United States on June 19, 1943, returning two months later on August 23, 1943. Following the end of World War II, Electra 1072 was return as NC16084 and in 1945 was sold to the Spartan Aircraft Co., Tulsa, OK, and then to Western Continental Airlines in 1947. By 1948 NC16084 was flying for Wisconsin Central Airlines when on January 2, 1951, the aircraft made a heavy landing and ground-looped upon arrival in Minneapolis, Minn. The plane was repaired and continued flying for Wisconsin Central for another two years and by 1954 NC16084 had been sold to Byerly Aviation. Service for Byerly Aviation last about a year and by June 1955 the plane was sold to D & C Airline. In 1962 the Electra was re-registered N57L, and the following year, on February 21, 1963 it was sold to Midwest Airways where it was reregistered one final time, N227M. By the beginning of 1966 the plane had been sold to Casement Aviation.

August 25, 1968, Electra N227M began its take-off roll from Painesville-Casement Airport, Painesville, Ohio, when the ship began to swerve uncontrollably. The Electra veered off the runway, striking and embankment and came to rest in flames; all 12 people on board escaped uninjured. The aircraft was completely destroyed.

Electra NC16084 flying over the gently rolling farmland of Wisconsin, summer 1948 (

Showing off in a bank angle over Clintonville, early Spring 1949 (

Taking on a full load of passengers, Minneapolis, Spring 1949 (


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