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Great Falls, Montana

Big game hunter, flier, and balloonist Max C. Fleischmann ordered a Lockheed Electra 10A in early 1935; Max received Electra 1032 bearing registration NC14945. According to some sources, the Electra was sold in 1937, whether this date is correct we have been unable to verify; in any event, the aircraft eventually ended up in the hands of C. H. Jackson, Jr. Flying for another six years before being impressed into the service by the United States Army Air Force on March 14, 1942, where it was assigned number 42-32535. It flew for another two years before being written off following an accident in mid-1944 up at the Great Falls Army Air Field, Montana. We have been unable to uncover any details about the crash.

NC14935 courtesy of

Photo of 1032 while flying as NC14945 (


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