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From the beginning

The aircraft that started this project

Braniff colors, while this isn't 1026 this is her sister, 1027. 1026 was delivered brand new to Braniff in June 1935

Let's start from the beginning, with the aircraft that started this whole project! C/n (construction number) 1026. Delivered brand new to Braniff Air Lines in 1935, the aircraft was given the registration number NC 14937. The Electra quickly became the backbone of the airline; a few years later it was sold to Boston-Maine Airways.

After flying for Braniff, 1026 was sold to Boston-Maine Airways

The Electra bounced between different carriers. Sometime in the 1950s-early 1960s, 1026 was registered as N4826V, serving Capitol Air Service in Manhattan, KS.

N4846V with Capitol Air Service, Manhattan, KS

In 1964, the Electra was sold to Skyway Aviation and the following year to Provincetown-Boston Airlines (PBA- which eventually became Naples Airlines & Provincetown-Boston Airlines) where it was registered first as N14262 and eventually N38BB.

1026 in an earlier PBA paint scheme (photo courtesy of

N38BB (photo courtesy of

Eventually the aircraft entered into private hands and is currently stored in California.


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