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From Northwest to Provincetown-Boston

Almost three weeks after they received their last Lockheed Electra (1013) on February 28, 1935, Lockheed delivered Northwest's sixth Electra (1014), registered NC14262. Serving the airline for roughly five to six years the airline sold several of its Lockheed Electra aircraft to the government when the war began. Between 1940 and 1942 1014 was delivered to the USAAF and re-registered 42-57505 where it served the country during the duration of World War II. After the war the aircraft flew for Pioneer Airlines in Texas where the registration was changed to NC14962; by 1947 the airline began expanding and was looking to sell.

In 1947 the fledgling airline Wisconsin Central purchased two Lockheed Electra 10As for $12,000 each from Pionner; this was the cheapest option compared with the $50,000 war-surplus DC-3s. While operating for Wisconsin Central the registration was reverted to NC14262; the airline quickly began to grow and soon passenger demand was too much for the 10 passenger Electra and on May 1, 1951, Wisconsin Central retired their Electra's in favor of the larger DC-3's.

At some point in its career the aircraft flew with the Dallas Aviation School and by the early 1960s the aircraft was purchased by J. C. van Arsdale and put into service with his airline, Provincetown-Boston Airlines where the plane was registered as N38PB.

According to different reports the aircraft was damaged beyond repair, most likely in a crash although we have been unable to confirm anything, and was written off.

Missoula, Montana, summer 1939 (

NWA publicity photo, likely late winter 1940 (

Minneapolis, summer 1940-41 (

NC14262 demonstrating a full-feathered prop over the Mississippi just south of St. Paul, late fall 1939 (

Wisconsin Central's first Electra (1014). The Electra had just been delivered and so only the port side had been painted for the initial publicity shots.

Loading up at Green Bay, summer 1948

1014 as she appeared when flying for Provincetown-Boston Airline (PBA) (


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