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Four Killed, Seven Seriously Injured

Delivered the same day as its sister ship, Electra 1048, was registered in Poland on February 7, 1936, as SP-AYD, and began serving LOT Airlines' European routes. On November 11, 1937, the Electra took off on a regularly scheduled Krakow-Warsaw flight with 11 people onboard. Following an uneventful flight the crew began their approach into the Warsaw-Okecie Airport at night; however, along with the cover of darkness, visibility was obscured by a fog that had rolled in. Flying too low, the aircraft collided with a power line and crashed into a field in Piaseczno, just 5 miles south of the airport. Both pilots and two passengers, one of whom was John Kostanecki, a professor at Krakow University, who had a wife living in Boston, were killed.


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