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For sale ca. 2006?

Northwest Airlines received their fourth Lockheed Electra 10A (1010) in October 1934 where it was assigned registration number NC14263. At the time, Northwest's service extended from Chicago to Seattle.

October 10, 1935 timetable (courtesy of

October 10, 1935 timetable (courtesy of

This Electra, as far as we can tell, served with the airline until the early 1940s (likely 1940-42) when the United States entered World War 2. NC14263 was sold to the Canadian Department of National Defense in Ottawa and was given the registration CF-BRC after the war it was sold to Paramount Aquarium in New York and from there to someone in Ecuador. Over the course of time the Electra bounced around from owner to owner until it ended up in the hand of a man in Haverhill, MA where it was damaged in May, 1974, during a windstorm and the its registration was cancelled. In 2006 it was reportedly up for sale and after that the trail grows cold, however if it was sold nothing was ever done with the aircraft as no recent record shows up with the FAA.

NC14263 sits in the foreground (courtesy of

At Boeing Field, May 1935 (courtesy of

Boeing Field, at night, Aug. 19, 1935 (courtesy of

1010 with the new Northwest 1939 paint scheme, Boeing Field, possibly the spring of 1940. (courtesy of

As Electra 1010 would have looked while serving for the Canadian Department of National Defense. (courtesy of


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