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Flight for fun renewed by Amelia

"At 3:45 a.m. we were warming up the engines at Bandoeg, planning, if all went well, to fly through to Australia. When one instrument refused to function everyone present turned mechanic and set to work to help." Due to the mechanical troubles the day's flight failed to get underway until two in the afternoon. "After the late start we reached Saurabaya when the descending sun marked declining day." On the flight down to Soerbaja Amelia discovered that the mechanical issues had not been fixed at all, there were "certain further adjustments of faulty long-distance flying instruments" that were necessary in order to continue. "[...] so I had to do one of the most difficult things I had ever done in aviation. Instead of keeping on I turned back the next day to Bandoeng."

AE and Fred talking to an unknown man

Fred, in dark shirt with back to the camera, watched the refueling process

Amelia observes maintenance on her Electra

AE, on step ladder, watched the work done on her Electra

Burlington Daily News, Thursday, June 24, 1937

Oakland Tribune, Thursday, June 24, 1937

Lewiston Evening Journal, Thursday, June 24, 1937


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