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Flew with Neville Chamberlain

Lockheed Electra 1083 was delivered just days after 1082 on February 27, 1937, to British Airways, registered G-AEPR. On September 15th and September 30th, 1938, G-AEPR was used to fly Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to Germany for negotiations with Hitler. At some point around this time, possibly at the beginning of 1939, G-AEPR was damaged and sent back to Lockheed for repairs, after which the aircraft was returned to England. In October 1939, Electra 1083 was transferred to the RAF where it continued to operate as G-AEPR; by April of the following year, the Electra was returned to British Airways, who transferred the aircraft to the newly formed British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). BOAC transferred their Electra, which they had named Leith, down to Cairo, Egypt, where it flew for two years on routes to Kenya, West Africa, and local points in the Near East. Leith crashed at Asmara, Eritrea, on April 14, 1944. Not much information is known or is available regarding the details of the crash.


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