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Electras 1078 and 1079

Lockheed Electra's 1078 and 1079, both 10As and registered YV-ACE and YV-ACI respectively were delivered to the Ministry of Communications, operated by Linea Aeropostal Venezolana (LAV), on February 4, 1937. On December 4, 1941, with a crew of four and no passengers, YV-ACE took off from Maracay bound for Guyana; at some point during the flight one of the aircraft's engines caught fire. The crew attempted to divert to Higuerote Airport; unfortunately, the aircraft never reached the airport, it crashed and burned completely killing all four on board. Those killed were Pilot Luis Guerra, Copilot Moises Mendez Moncada, and two mechanics whose names were never given. The crash of Electra 1078 marked the first serious accident in ten years for the airline. Electra 1079 was sold in April 1945 to the Civil Aviation School, where sources state it was likely reregistered to the YV-MR-.. series. Later that same year it was sold to Aerotechnica SA and by March 1956 the aircraft was up for sale again. Nearly ten years later the aircraft was registered as YV-C-TAB to Taxis Aereos Nacionales CA. The last report known to us for Electra 1079 was in early to mid-1966. The fate of Electra 1079 remains unknown.

Electras 1078 and 1079. 1078 is in the background and 1079 is in the foreground.


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