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El Fasher

Originally planning to fly to Khartoum due to a late start the objective for the day was shortened to a 700 mile flight to El Fasher, Sudan.

"Despite our plans we were held until half past one in the afternoon at Fort Lamy. That was because of a small leak in a shock absorber of the landing gear. Air from one oleo escaped. To pump it up again taxed the manpower resources of the little station almost to capacity. There are more pleasant diversions than hand-pumping at a temperature well over one hundred degrees." Thanks to a following wind the flight was made in just over three hours but it was a bumpy flight due to the heat which eventually caught up with the fliers.

With detailed information given beforehand, Amelia was on the lookout for an "eight foot thorn hedge" that surrounded the airfield at El Fasher. The purpose of this hedge, which the aircraft successfully hurdled, was to keep animals out. "The airdrome itself was a splendid natural landing field, though with few facilities. There we were met by Governor and Mrs. P. Ingallson of Darfur Province, who took the wayfarers to their once, once a Sultan's palace, where my room was next door to the harem of other days."

Two men stand next to the open door of the Electra

The Kokomo Tribune, Saturday, June 12, 1937

The Sheboygan Press, Saturday, June 12, 1937

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