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Eastern to Delta to USAAF

Eastern Airlines received its third Lockheed 10B Electra, 1038, on September 29, 1935, bearing registration NC14960. Two years later the airline began to retire its fleet of Electras and so NC14960 ended up flying for Delta Airlines, likely flying their Trans-Southern route from Dallas to Charleston. In the early days of June, 1942, the aircraft was pressed into service by the USAAF where it received registration 42-57217; according to one of our sources the aircraft was used for training purposes in Gulfport, Mississippi, where it was withdrawn from use at the end of November, 1943. No other information was found concerning the fate of this aircraft and it is believed that a crash or some form of damage was the reason behind its being withdrawn from use.

This is Electra 1051 but it gives a good idea who 1038 would have looked while flying for Delta

One of Delta's many adverts featuring the Lockheed Electra (The Birmingham News, Monday, August 16, 1937)

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