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"On the morning of June 8 we flew the 163 miles from St. Louis. The chief reason I decided to lay over a day at Dakar instead of proceeding east was because my fuelmeter gave out two hours after we left Natal." Upon inspection it was discovered that a piece of the shaft had broken, in addition a forty-hour check of the engines was carried out which AE thought would suffice until they reached Karachi.

While in Dakar, Fred and Amelia were guests of Monsieur Marcel de Coppet, Governor General where a dinner was held in their honor followed by a reception at the Aero Club "which was the trip's only function up to then."

The world flight, thus far, had been following established air lanes. Across Africa were regions where aircraft may have flown frequently but not on any particular established or scheduled route. The exact course, Amelia wrote, was undetermined as extremely hot weather created unfavorable conditions and she received warnings of tornados to the south and sandstorms to the north.

"I am finishing this account of the flight to date, writing in the hangar while the good mechanics of Air France work. Every inch of the plane has been scrubbed with soap and water. The Electra's periodic face-washings were performed by natives. I must say the aspect of the African grease monkies was sometimes considerably simian. It was not only oily when we arrived but there was a curious pattern from dust and rain made by the airflow over the wings."

AE hops out of the cockpit of her Electra upon arrival in Dakar

Amelia greets officials

Amelia meeting a French official

A man, possibly Fred Noonan, observes the refueling of the Electra

Maintenance being performed on the Electra

A proud Amelia Earhart alongside her Lockheed Electra

The engagement at the Aero Club, Dakar

Reception at the Aero Club, Dakar

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