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Crashed in Mexico

Lockheed Electra 1022, a 10C, was delivered to Aerovias Centrales, a Pan Am subsidiary on May 13, 1935 with registration XA-BEQ. Later that year the airline ceased operations and the Electra was transferred to Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, another subsidiary of Pan Am, and the registration was changed to XA-BFQ.

On February 9, 1938, Pilot Armando Cosio had plans to take a party of Mexican Eagle Petroleum company officials up to the oil fields of Poza Roza; after arriving at the airfield and warming up the engines there was some issue with the aircraft. According to a report in the El Siglo de Torreon one of the engines had failed, other reports say Cosio was just dissatisfied with aircraft performance. After working on the aircraft, Cosio, E. J. Kennebeck, chief mechanic for Compania Mexicana, and radio operator Carlos Oropeza Pochecho boarded the aircraft on a test flight. On the second flight, as the Electra was flying over Cerro El Penon, it crashed into the hillside. Cosio and Kennebeck were killed in the crash, with Kennebeck's body being thrown 40 feet from the aircraft. Carlos Oropeza was grievously injured and survived the initial crash, unfortunately he died from his injuries later that day.

Fort Worth Star Telegram, Thursday, February 10, 1938

El Siglo de Torreon, Thursday, February 10, 1938


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