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Shortly before Valentine's Day, 1935, Northwest received a new Lockheed Electra 10A (1013) which was assigned registration NC14261; flying with the airline for roughly 5 years, the Electra was sold to the Canadian Department of National Defense in 1940. After being sold the registration was changed to CF-BRD, and then to 7631; either in 1940 or 1941 the Electra was converted to a 10B by replacing the engines. Following the war, 1013 was put into commercial use once more, flying for Maritime Central Airways, based out of Prince Edward Island with the registration CF-BYU; it was around this time that the aircraft was converted back to a 10A. After Maritime Central Airways, the Electra flew for Trans Gaspesian Air Lines and Air Gaspe, both of Quebec, Canada before coming down to the U.S. and working for Seaboard Motors in Matoon, IL, where the registration was changed to N3485. It changed hands one last time and was sold to a private buyer in Taylorville, IL. On February 7, 1972, as the aircraft began its takeoff from Corpus Christi airport in Texas bound for Mexico when the pilot decided to abandon the takeoff and began emergency braking procedures. Due to unclear circumstances, the aircraft began to ground loop and swerve, causing gear collapse; veering off the runway, the aircraft came to rest damaged beyond repair. All occupants aboard escaped uninjured. The aircraft, due to the damage, was likely scrapped; an unfortunate end to many of the Electras as we'll see as we progress.

NC14261 landing at Sea Island, Washington, July 20, 1935

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