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City of Chicago

At the end of April 1936, Lockheed Electra 10B, 1059, was delivered to Chicago & Southern Airlines, registered NC16024 and christened the City of Chicago. It seems that by mid-1940 the aircraft had been sold to the RCAF and the aircraft was given a temporary registration of CF-BRL for its flight up to Canada; once in Canada the aircraft received registration 7649. On October 11, 1940, the Electra suffered a category B accident (Category B meaning the aircraft could not be repaired on site) at the RCAF station at Trenton. Following the accident Electra 1059 was put into storage and eventually sold on August 24, 1945, to Maritime Central Airways when it was re-registered CF-BYV. Four years later, April 1949, the aircraft was converted to a Model 10A; on November 26, 1956, the Electra was sold once again, this time to Matane Air Services. In 1964 the aircraft was sold to Universal Aircraft Leasing in the United States where it was registered as N5705. The aircraft was last seen in storage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1970. The aircraft's registration was cancelled in 1977.

Lockheed Electra 1059 while flying for Matane Air Services as CF-BYV

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