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Canadian Airways to the Pee Wee King Band

Lockheed Electra 10A, number 1063, was delivered to Canadian Airways, registration CF-BAF, on August 20, 1936. Just over a year later, September 10, 1937, the Electra was re-registered to Trans Canada Airlines, after TCA purchased Canadian Airways' routes and aircraft. On October 23, 1939, CF-AZY was taken to Camp Borden, Ontario, were it was issued to Flying Instructors School and had its registration changed to 1529; the following year it was flown to the RCAF Station Trenton, January 22, 1940. Over the next five years the aircraft would be bounced around between different RCAF stations, mostly in Trenton, Ontario. On March 12, 1946, the aircraft was pending disposal; according to RCAF records the aircraft was sold to Thunder Bay Airlines, however, the application for registration on May 2, 1946 was never taken up. By 1949, the aircraft had been sold and registered in the United States as NC97227, or NC79227, depending on the source, to Hunter Moody. By the early 1950s the aircraft was sold to the Pee Wee King Band and from there to Harold Harbican in 1957. Some sources state the Electra crashed the following year, but despite our best efforts we were unable to uncover any documentation or newspaper reports detailing the fate of this Electra.

Electra 1063 in the beginning, flying as CF-AZY

During the war, registered as 1529

By the early 1950s, the Electra was back in the United States flying for the Pee Wee King Band


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