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Boston & Maine

Lockheed Electra 10A, 1070, registered NC16056, was originally ordered by National Airways (based in the northeast United States - no connection to the National Airways of Florida); however, the Electra was acquired on October 13, 1936, along with Electra 1069 which had been delivered just seven days earlier, when Boston-Maine/Central Vermont Airways purchased National Airways. On June 11, 1942, NC16056 was sold to the USAAF, redesignated from a civilian 10A to a UC-36A, and given registration 42-57215; the Electra began serving in the Air Transport Command. On August 24, 1944, the Electra was reportedly returned to NC16056 with the CAA for use by Northeast Airlines (originally Boston-Maine/Central Vermont Airways, having changed their name in 1940). The fate of Lockheed Electra 1070 is unknown.

Electra 1070 in an early Boston-Maine color scheme (Ed Coates Collection)

NC16056, likely late 1930s - updated Boston-Maine scheme (Ed Coates Collection)


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