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Bandoeng, Java

"From Singapore early in the morning we headed for Java. Our course first lay over the open sea, then along the westerly shores of Sumatra, finally cutting deep across its southeast portion." Taking-off at 10:30 p.m. GMT from Singapore the Electra crossed the equator for the third time on their trip after only the first hour of flying.

"We passed above countless tiny islands, glowing emeralds in settings of turquoise. Then the hazy contours of the mountains of Java rose from the tropic sea and gradually the enchanting loveliness of this island world took form."

Following a five hour twenty minutes flight the fliers arrived at Bandoeng, an "enchanting place perched among densely wooded mountains."

Amelia taxied the plane to the hangar and shut off the engines; after removing themselves from the aircraft it was pushed into the hangar and K.N.I.L.M. (sister company to K.L.M.) began their inspection. While the inspection was carried Amelia's first time, after taking a phone call from GP, was to the crater rim of a nearby volcano "which one can drive in half an hour up a beautiful mountain road where many people journeyed."

That night dinner was at the home of a K.L.M. pilot and afterwards Fred and Amelia checked into a very good hotel. A decision was made to stay two extra days to rest and have the Electra overhauled; they would leave on June 24th.

Amelia and Fred in front of their hotel, Bandoeng

Refueling process, note the leading edge of the wing. The paint had come off while flying through monsoons in India.

Refueling in Bandoeng

Overhauling the Electra

St. Louis Post Dispatch, Monday, June 21, 1937

The Baltimore Sun, Monday, June 21, 1937

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