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USAAC Crash in Ohio

The United States Army Air Corps received Lockheed Electra Y1C-36, 1070, (the military designation for the Lockheed Electra 10A), on December 9, 1936, registration 37-65. The Electra was stationed at Wright Field.

Just two years after its arrival, 37-65 crashed at 4:15 p.m., Thursday, February 3, 1938. The plane had taken off only to return a few minutes later, witnesses later told investigators that it appeared the Electra was caught in a stiff crosswind as the aircraft attempted to level off and land. 300 yards south of the airfield 37-65 struck the ground, bouncing the aircraft back into the air before settling one final time; the force and shock of the second impact caused a collapse of the undercarriage. The right ring went down first as the airplane began to skid, as it careened off to the side the left wing struck several trees which led Electra 1070 to its final resting place - a ditch. As help arrived both pilots were found unconscious in the cockpit - they would make a full recovery. Captain E. H. White, 36, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, received severe arm and face lacerations; Lieutenant Paul E. Shanahan, 33, of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, received severe jaw and mouth injuries in addition to lacerations on his arms and legs. Based on eyewitness testimony at the time, the reason for the crash was blamed on motor trouble. An investigation into the crash was launched but a report or a definitive answer, at least to our knowledge, was never found, or at least it was never made public.

Based on comparison, it seems likely that this is Electra 1070

The Dayton Herald, Friday, February 4, 1938

The Dayton Daily News, Friday, February 4, 1938

The Dayton Daily News, Friday, February 4, 1938


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