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A Year in Poland

November 22, 1935, Electra 10A, 1045, was delivered to LOT Polish Airlines, their first of ten Lockheed Electra 10 aircraft. By the end of the January, 1936, the aircraft was registered in Poland, registration SP-AYA.

Several days before the New Year, December 28, 1936, SP-AYA took off from Lviv with 12 people on board (10 passengers, 2 crew) bound for Warsaw. En-route to Warsaw the weather slowly began to deteriorate until the Electra was flying in poor conditions with severe icing conditions. Likely due to icing, the captain decided to attempt an emergency landing when the aircraft crashed in a field near Susiec. Following the crash only three were dead; two passengers and Radio Operator Jozef Fronc, who actually died the following day from his injuries. All other passengers aboard the aircraft managed to escape with injuries. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair and was likely scrapped following the accident.

LOT timetable April 19, 1936 (

LOT timetable cover March 27, 1938 (


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