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A day spent in Karachi

June 16, 1937, the day was spent resting and sightseeing as the Electra was overhauled.

Bunder Road, which includes the new Municipal Building, Karachi, 1937

"On my first morning in India I had a small adventure riding a camel. I saw one with particularly gay trappings along the airport road, obviously for hire. His master's costume was in keeping. Over very full trousers he wore a shiny black alpaca coat, pleated to the waist at the back. From under this the tail of his shirt protruded. He had on a rather high turban, and hid most of his facial expressions behind a bushy beard."

AE with her camel, Fred Noonan, in dark shirt, to the left.

Later on the cameling was tried again, visiting what they were told was an oasis a few miles outside the city. "There were many 'ships of the desert' careering along the roads loaded far beyond their mammalian Plymsol lines with everything from vegetables to human beings."

AE and Fred camel riding. Fred is to the left and Amelia is up front.

Following the camel rides AE visited the post office to get the philatelic covers, brought on the world flight to help raise funds, canceled. "Of course, I chose the Karachi airmail type [stamp], which, I hoped, would look well on the already decorated envelopes. I was shown behind the scenes at the post-office and watched money orders being made out in rupees-a coin out of books to me. Near by, turbaned postmen sorted mail. Karachi is an important airmail center and will soon become more so as schedules and connections are bettered by air lines around the world."

The rest of the day was spent making preparations for the next day's flight to Calcutta.


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