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Lockheed Electra 10A 1076 was delivered to R. R. M. Carpenter, Wilmington, Delaware, on either December 31, 1936, or January 1, 1937, depending on what source you look at. The aircraft was registered as NC20Y. Following the outbreak of World War II, the Electra was commandeered by the USAAF, designated as a UC-36A, and registered as 42-38342 on March 14, 1942. The aircraft was assigned to Ferry Command. Less than a year later the plane was being operated by Delta Airlines; by April 1, 1943, the aircraft had been exported to Canada. Later that week, Electra 1076 was registered CF-BXE to Maritime Central Airways. Over the next 30 years, the Electra would continue to change hands, experiencing several belly landings, and being repaired after each incident. December 30, 1974, the Electra, now registered as N2405, was sold to the World Air Museum and was preserved in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dolph Overton purchased the aircraft on August 3, 1981. The aircraft is likely still around, the aircraft was sold to someone in Oklahoma and its registration expired in 2011.

Electra 1076 at some point early in its career, registered as NC20Y

The Vintage Airplane, Vol. 8 No. 9, September 1980


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